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Microscope Technology

Dental Microscope

While Drs. Yang and Horsley have always used loupes (magnifying dental glasses) with at least 2.5 power, our new dental microscope can be employed up to 19.2x magnification when precision dentistry is necessary! Did you know that less than 1% of General Dentists perform their dentistry using microscopes? Our office is pleased to bring innovative dental technology to Casa Grande because your dental well-being is our highest priority.

The Results

The Surgical Operating Microscopes that Drs. Yang and Horsley use give a bright, crystal-clear perspective that is incomparable. Tooth decay starts at a microscopic level. Microscope-enhanced dentistry enables the doctors to see magnified details, such as cavities and fractures, that may be impossible to visualize with the naked eye or even dental loupes.

Please feel free to ask Drs. Yang and Horsley’s dental team any questions you may have about this revolutionary technology. Please call our office at (520) 836-9685 to schedule your next microscopic dental appointment!