Dental Fillings

White and Silver Dental Fillings in Casa Grande, AZ

Dental Fillings in Casa Grande, AZ - Yang and Horsley DentistryWhen decay first appears, a filling is necessary to halt the process. Filling a cavity helps prevent decay from spreading and threatening your entire tooth. Additionally, a filling will keep a localized area of decay from deepening and becoming painful.

At Yang and Horsley Dentistry, we have two main types of fillings. The first is silver amalgam, a variety you probably know. Our silver fillings are durable and strong. However, whenever possible, we recommend our tooth-colored fillings.

Made of composite resin, our tooth-colored fillings are still solid and durable, but they’re a more aesthetic choice than amalgam fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are especially well-suited for cavities in conspicuous locations. Whichever type of filling you select, we always utilize the best quality techniques and materials to ensure your fillings last as long as possible.

Do you suspect you have a cavity, or is it time for your dental check-up? Please call us at (520) 836-9685, and we’ll be happy to take care of you with gentleness and kindness.