10 Years

10 Years! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since this day, the day we said goodbye to my dad’s smiling face.


We’ve added three (and more) new members to the GYG.


We’ve continued the annual GYG ride-hike-picnic tradition with our awesome friends and family since 2011!


Every year, Wes invites me to share something at our Sharing Time after lunch, and every year, I’m too overwhelmed to say anything. But not overwhelmed with sadness. There’s only a tiny bit of that, and it’s mostly sadness that my dad can’t be here to experience this all with us: he’d be the first one in the headwind, the one staring down his sunglasses at me from the top of Picacho, the one grilling burgers, and the one making his grandkids giggle with his jokes.

Instead, I’m overwhelmed with joy, hope, and gratitude. Overwhelmed with joy that my husband miraculously survived and we had our three kids. Overwhelmed with hope that we will all make it to the summit of Picacho Peak, and beyond, one day. Overwhelmed with gratitude for the people – near and far, here and gone – that have surrounded us and loved us for all these years. Cheers to continuing to find the joy, hope, and gratitude in our journey!