Behind the Scenes at Spark a Smile

Ever wondered where all the supplies magically appear from every month? Or what happens to all those donated cards?
Here’s a short tour of Spark a Smile, behind the scenes.

All the new card donations go into the metal bucket (find it in the middle of the crafting table at the parties!). After they get photographed, they go into the blue basket on the right until we can sort them into categories (Thinking of You, Holidays, Happy Birthday, You can do it, etc.).

The green basket on the left houses our Thank You and Welcome cards for people who refer new patients.

Finished cards are stored in the category baskets on the bottom shelf until they are wrapped up for donations. 
Bottom right shelf: water and snacks. 
Upper left shelf: All the supplies in cute little tins
Upper right shelf: Paper trimmer and big folder full of paper just waiting to be made into something beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour! 🙂