July Mini-Cards for Elementary Teachers

Every year, Dr. Phil and Dr. Janelle attend the Casa Grande Elementary Community Showcase to welcome teachers back for the school year. We also provide cute gifts for the new CG Elementary School District’s new teacher welcome baskets! This year, we made these Arizona mini-cards to thank ALL the CGESD teachers for their service to our community. They loved them!




One of the highlights of attending the Business Showcase was meeting a staff member who stopped by our booth last year; she’d loved our “You Rock” mini-cards that we made in 2012, and even saved it! We love hearing stories like that! 

Another highlight was meeting a very sweet lady who’d known my dad in the 1990’s. She was the one who drove him to the hospital when he injured his hand during woodworking class!



The cards this month were super-simple, which made it really easy to add some little details.



Hope you enjoy our little cards! Come join the fun on August 14th, from 5-7PM at Yang & Horsley Dentistry (325 E. Cottonwood Lane)!