New Card Donations and a simple How-To

Here are a few of our latest card donations!! We’re so excited for the rest to start rolling in!
And here’s a simple How-To for making your own!
Start with a blank card.
I usually cut a piece of plain white cardstock in half and fold it into a card instead of purchasing pre-made,
but “card blanks” are available at discount or craft stores.

I chose a simple clear star stamp and blue ink.

To get light and dark stars, I inked the stamp, pressed it down (dark),
then lifted it and re-stamped without inking (light).
Since my stamp was already dirty, I did a few more cards with the same technique. Saves time at cleanup!

Used a pen to add a little greeting: “Wishing you a speedy recovery”

I always add a little sparkle or button as a finishing touch. 

From 20091003 Card Ideas

Let the glue dry, and you’re done! So simple, but will definitely Spark a Smile!

Thanks for looking! Now it’s your turn! What sparkling ideas do you have? 🙂