New Smile Sparkers!

June’s Wednesday-night turnout was great! Two brand-new faces joined our Smile Sparking crew… welcome to Vivian K and Terri!! Here are a few of the latest donations, plus close-ups of some of my favorites (forgive the blurry photos, will have to experiment with that technique a bit…).

The crew, intense with concentration

The colors are definitely getting lighter and brighter for Summer!

Marlene made almost all of these with some fun new vintage cardstock paper! Cute little birds! Check out her hen laying eggs in the bottom right. hehe

Terri put her graphic design background to use to create this creative card out of a watercolor calendar!!

“Grandma” Vivian made this one… very special to me because she used dental floss as the string for the balloons! Clever, right?

Vivian K. made this one, and armed with a basket of supplies gifted by Miss Marlene, she made another little stack when she got home!! We have a new convert! 🙂

And, Miss Janie, our fabulous assistant, created these 4th-of-July stars out of scraps of a fancy envelope (blue), foil envelope liner (silver), and reddish cardstock, made redder with ink!

The summer heat is settling in! Come stay cool and creative with us at our next party on Wednesday, July 14th, from 5-7 PM!