Rubber Stamps Vs. Acrylic Stamps

Rubber is the original style of stamp. Rubber stamps are usually constructed of a wood block, as shown here, with an image on the front, and a raised rubber pattern on the back.

Acrylic stamps aren’t mounted on anything, but instead “cling” (interchangable) to blocks of acrylic.

There are a few differences between rubber and acrylic.
Print Quality: Rubber tends to leave a more crisp impression than acrylic, but acrylic stamp technology is improving!

Obviously, size: Mounted rubber stamps are about half an inch thick. Acrylic stamps are usually a few millimeters thick.

Cost: I always shop for deals, so I’m not too familiar with average retail price of stamps, but you can find both rubber and acrylic stamps in the $1 bins. Usually you will get one rubber stamp for $1 vs. 3 or 4 smaller acrylic stamps in one package for $1. One rubber stamp (large) can start at $10 and increase in price, while sheets of acrylic stamps (10 or more stamps per package) can also start at $10.

Stamps aren’t always a regular feature at Spark a Smile, but if you’re interested in trying them out and comparing the two types, we can bring them. Please let us know!