Supply Donations, Next Party, and… We’re Famous!

So much has happened for Spark a Smile in the last few weeks!

First, we got a great supply donation from “Miss” Mandie McKinley, over at Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, Inc. She provided us with some decorative scissors, cute paper, sparkly little embellishments, and more! Thanks for the goodies, Mandie!

Are you cleaning out your craft closet? We can always use supply donations to share with local schools and charitable organizations who have partnered with us to Spark a Smile. We can use buttons, beads, rhinestones, stickers, brads, glitter, seashells, fabric scraps, paper cutouts, anything random or sparkly to add a little interest to an otherwise plain piece of paper.

Last Thursday, November 12th, Spark a Smile made the front page of the Tri-Valley Dispatch Newspaper’s Valley Life section!! Check it out online! 

A few of the local schools have also signed on to participate in Spark a Smile. Mary C. O’Brien’s 6th grade class already donated a stack of cards (stay tuned this weekend for photos of their great artwork!), and Pinnacle High School will be having several card-making sessions during Thanksgiving week! Please email me if you’d like to get involved showing the kids how to make cards – I’m sure they’d love the help!

And, if you haven’t heard yet, our next card-making party will be an evening celebration: December 3rd, from 5-7 PM. Bring a friend to join the fun!