The Future of Spark a Smile

As we wrap up our month-long look at our first year of Spark a Smile, let’s consider what we hope the future holds for Spark a Smile.
– Continued monthly parties and donations to local charities

– On-The-Road Spark a Smile parties. Our first one will be November 12th at Cartridge World, from 5-8 PM. Would you like to host one? We’ll help you with the logistics!

– Regular blog posts with techniques, information, and most of all – Spark a Smile stories.

– More Spark a Smile community partners. Do you know any local charities doing good things in the community? Do you know of any local businesses who would like to host Spark a Smile parties to boost employee morale (it worked for our office!)?  Wherever there is a need for more bright, sparkling smiles, we’d like to create and donate cards.

– Above all, we want to inspire more good stuff in Casa Grande – starting with a simple smile.

 Thanks for joining us!!