The Spark a Smile Circle

Our donation location representatives are always grateful for our stacks of happy greeting cards to distribute to their patients and clients, but, to be honest, we haven’t yet had any responses from the final recipients of our random Spark a Smile cards.

However, after my dad died and my husband was injured in February (read more about it here), Spark a Smile came full circle… back to me. When I started this fun project last year, I had no idea and absolutely no expectation that I would be directly affected by its final product! Sure, I was always directly affected by the creation of handmade cards – enjoying the time spent with acquaintances who became friends, sharing creative ideas and stories – but I’d never had necessity to receive a Get Well or Thinking of You card. I was speechless, and in tears, when that sweet little girl delivered the card she’d made herself for our family, and it made me smile for days.