Regular Checkups

One of the most important things we can recommend to our patients and fellow humans are regular dental checkups! In addition to visiting your family physician, dermatologist, obstetrician/gynecologist, and other medical professionals, it’s important to add “dentist” to your routine!  The American Dental Association recommends regular visits to maintain your teeth for as long as possible. By keeping regular dental visits and screening with radiographs (x-rays), we may be able to help catch cavities, gum disease, or even cancer before they become a problem – a potentially painful, more expensive problem.

Life is busy; we know! With three children of our own, we understand it’s hard to fit in all the routine maintenance that keeps life running smoothly. Here are some of our best life hacks for remembering to schedule and keep your regular visits:

Set a date: Just like date nights with your spouse or coffee with a friend, consider this a date with the most important person in your life: YOU! Good dental health definitely counts as part of self-care and well-being and deserves a prime spot on your schedule. Maybe a significant upcoming date, like your birthday month or a holiday you love, can be a good reminder to make an appointment. After you’ve had a thorough dental examination, we can help you decide on an appropriate interval for your following visit!

Set some reminders: Put alerts in your phone, calendar, or planner a few weeks or months ahead of that date you set, and make a note to give our office in Casa Grande a call (at 520-836-9685) to schedule your visit. We will do our best to accommodate you! Remember to set an alarm and write down your appointment day/time in a place that is visible to you. Of course, we’ll also keep in touch for any appointments you have scheduled.You’re set up with a smile: Time to get your smile sparkling! After you’ve finished your dental visit, you can check it off your list. Celebrate your achievement of showing up for yourself with a smile!  We’ll see you next time!