2nd Anniversary Ride/Hike

(Sorry it’s been a while since my last post… been a little busy with this guy, who was just a week old here, but is now 7 months!)

February 12, 2012 marks the 2-year anniversary of the Gene Yang Gang! Our meeting spot was Picacho Peak, Arizona. The plan was for the riders to head out at 8:30AM, meet everyone for a short gathering at 10:30, and go for a nice hike (at everyone’s own pace).

The weather was beautiful – not too hot, not too cold, but a little windy for the riders!

Baby Philip and I were “race chasers” – I drove along the route in case any riders needed a lift! As I drove that 30-mile road from Casa Grande to Picacho, I had the chance to reflect on the many trips my dad has taken, the miles he’s ridden with these guys, and the last trip he took across those train tracks. I miss him every day, but this time of year, I miss him a little more.

Once we arrived at Picacho, my dad’s good buddy Wes Baker said a few words (tear-inducing, of course). He reminded us that the theme this year is “love”. We focused on the miracle of Phil’s surviving the accident that day, so he could create another miracle – our little Philip!

We had a great turnout this year – almost 40 people gathered to enjoy breakfast burritos/fruit/juice and spend some time together!

We handed out these laminated GYG “trading cards” (a picture of my dad on the front, Phil and Philip on the back. The caption reads: “The miraculous thing about life is that it goes on.”), which coordinated perfectly with the story that Wes told about my dad’s good friend, Kevin Burns. Every time Kevin does a big ride, he pulls out a picture of my dad that he keeps in his helmet, and uses that as his inspiration.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our family, and continues to support us daily! If you would like a GYG trading card of your own, please email Janelle at smile (at) casagrandedental.com.