The First Gene Yang Gang Picnic

On February 12, 2011, the official first anniversary of the day my dad left this earth at the train tracks in between Newman and Picacho Peaks, we had a picnic at Picacho Peak. It was a gorgeous, sunny day with a slight breeze and perfect temperatures! 81 people joined us to celebrate my dad’s life and legacy. People came from all over the state – my cousin drove down from Flagstaff, my dad’s family and some friends from Tucson, my dad’s friends and Phil’s family from Phoenix, more friends from Prescott, and of course, the Casa Grande crew.

Sooo much food! Uncle Steve and Bob Brutinel grilled about 56 burgers and 38 hot dogs. We had about 12 bags of buns, 12 bags of chips, 2 veggie trays, 3 fruit trays, 2 fruit salads, 2 humongous bowls of macaroni salad, 3 trays of spanish rice, 3 boxes of cookies, 1 plate of caramel brownies, 1 box of grapes, 2 sets of condiments with tomatoes/lettuce/onions, 96 sodas, 5 cases of water, and a tray of hummus! I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some items, too… let’s just say we have very generous, well-prepared friends and family!

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