August’s Spark a Smile

We had a little smaller turnout than usual in August, but we really churned out smile-sparking cards! We focused a bit on quantity vs. quality, creating cards to accompany hot lunches provided by our local Seeds of Hope. They serve about 30 hot lunches per day!! Wow!

So, Miss Marlene had this cute idea. She cut scraps of sparkly metallic cardstock into business-card sized rectangles, and we decorated those instead of making full-sized cards. It was fun to experiment, yet keep some elements the same. It was especially fun to use such a teeny canvas! When I made my stack of snack-sized cards, I laid several out in front of me, stamped all of them at once, then went back and added little strips of paper or a sprinkling of embellishments. What about you? What ideas do you have for “batch” creating?

We also received more regular cards from Vivian K. Check back next time for details about those creations!

Join us TOMORROW, Wednesday, September 8th, from 5-7 PM! Our theme tomorrow will be PINK! to gear up for Breast cancer awareness month in October. Bring your girliest, fluffiest, cotton candiest ideas!