Cuttlebug Embossing

Today we’re featuring Miss Marlene’s favorite crafting tool, the Cuttlebug machine! It’s cute, it’s green, it’s simple to use, and we always have one ready for you to try at Spark a Smile. Let’s take a look the Cuttlebug’s embossing capabilities. Embossing creates a raised pattern on plain paper, adding great texture and depth to your cards. 

The machine folds up nicely, making it very portable.

To use, unfold the platform.

These are the Cuttlebug accessories: A big white platform, and “plates”.

These are the embossing folders. Usual retail price varies between $5-20 depending on what set and size you buy, but keep an eye out for deals! Some of our favorite folders cost about $2.50 after a 40% off coupon, and these can be reused. We haven’t had any break yet.

 Simply place the paper inside the embossing folder.

Sandwich the embossing folder between two “B” plates, then stack that pile on top of the white spacing thingy, then up onto the Cuttlebug platform.

Push the plates toward the slot to engage them in the rollers, then crank the handle as if you were flattening pasta in a pasta machine.

Out pops a perfectly embossed pattern!

Check back tomorrow for an introduction to the Cuttlebug’s cutting capabilities!