Hospice Compassus Magazine

Thanks to one of our sweet patients, Monica White, Spark a Smile was featured in the Hospice Compassus magazine, Everyday Compassion!!! This magazine goes nationwide to caregivers and others involved with the hospice-care providers. What an honor it is to be recognized, and even more of an honor to know that we’ve helped bring joy to people who have dedicated their lives to caring for other people.

The article reads:

“During a recent dentist appointment, Dr. Janelle Yang Horsley asked if I enjoyed scrapbooking and crafts. I replied that I did but had not had much time lately to be creative. Janelle enlightened me about her greeting card program called Spark a Smile. She began having greeting card parties over a year ago in the lobby of her office to “spark a smile” from each card recipient. She told me they make cards for private non-profit organizations, senior centers, teen moms, and hospitals in our community.

Instantly I had an idea! What a great way to honor our patients’ caregivers – to “spark a smile” by giving each of them a card during National Hospice Month in November! I ran the idea by our Executive Director and my fellow Social Worker, and both agreed that our caregivers would benefit from our creativity. Perhaps a greeting card doesn’t seem like much, but it would show those providing the day-to-day nurturing that we understand how challenging yet rewarding it is to care for someone who is dying. Their caregivers provide the love and comfort our hospice patients need during a very difficult time.

Two of my co-workers and I were guests at Spark a Smile’s first birthday party and card-making night. One of the crafters had made homemade carrot cake cupcakes for all of us to enjoy while we made our cards. In attendance were card crafters of all ages, and everyone had a great time creating cards in bright colors filled with encouraging words. Over the past year, Spark a Smile has donated 1,036 greeting cards and 1,036 smiles!

A smile is a facial expression formed by turning up the corners of your mouth, usually displaying happiness. A hospice caregiver is someone who has principal responsibility for caring for a dependent person with a terminal illness. What better way to show our gratitude than to play a role in placing a smile on the faces of our wonderful caregivers!”
– Monica White, MSW, Bereavement Coordinator
Casa Grande, AZ

Join us on Wednesday, April 6th, at Hospice Compassus (1675 E. Monument Plaza Circle, Casa Grande. Near Arizola Road and Florence Blvd) from 5-7PM to create more cards for the hospice patients and caregivers!