Last-minute Christmas gift idea

Looking for an easy, last-minute Christmas gift idea? Why not give someone the gift of card-making “therapy”? (Some of the ladies who participate in Spark a Smile report that crafting cards is a great way to ease your mind, get your thoughts off of the worries in life, and just make something pretty!) It’s simple:

1) Stuff a stocking with scissors, pens, glue, some blank cards, and a few colored-paper scraps.
2) Add a bow (optional).
3) Give it away!

And, for the accountants out there, I’ve calculated an estimated cost for this little gift:
1) Scissors: You can find them on sale if you’re diligent, but usually about $4 will get you a nice, sturdy pair.
2) Black scrapbooking pen: A nice pen/marker costs about $1.50 at craft stores.
3) Glittery scrapbooking pen: Just for fun! You can get them in value packs or singles, for about $1.50 each.
4) Glue stick (option #1): Two for $1.50 at discount stores
5) Glue runner (option #2): A dry adhesive that doesn’t get messy. A dispenser at Walmart is about $3.50, refills approximately 75 cents each.
6) Card blanks: A package of 250 sheets of cardstock can vary from $7-10, and you can fold 2 cards out of one sheet. So, if you give away 10 card blanks, that’s about 20 cents worth of card stock…
7) Colored paper scraps: Share from your stash! This varies, so keep an eye out for good sales and never underestimate the power of recycling junk mail or old cards!

Total Cost (high-end): $11
Hours of enjoyment: Approximately 50
Creating art with your own hands: Priceless 😉

Merry Christmas!!! Go spread some holiday cheer. See you January 9th!!