Trash to Treasure: Saved from the Scrap Bin

Over the last year, we’ve recycled many items. Here are just some of the jewels that came from “junk”!
Marlene made several cards from ONE pink floral recycled card donated by Miss Verna H.

I used the Cuttlebug machine to cut the orange flower on this card from a piece of junk mail.

You know those fancy envelopes that have silver or gold foil lining inside of the flap? Marlene cut these letters by hand from the metallic pieces!

These apples are scraps of contact paper from when my mom relined her cabinet shelves. Yeah, you can pretty much use anything to make a card!

Vivian K LOVES to use scraps. She finds it challenging to create something from an item someone’s tossed away. She made this flower from trashed circle shapes.

This silk flower was on its way to the dumpster when I saved it, and Vivian K put it to good use! Much prettier here than in a landfill somewhere!

And finally, here are the snack-sized cards we made for the Seeds of Hope hot lunch program in August. With a little ingenuity and tricky trimming, we made 49 happy little cards!

(Disclaimer: If you ever become interested in making the transition from card-making to scrapbooking or paper crafts that need to last years down the road, I would recommend you research (google, wikipedia) the importance of “acid-free” items. While using random items is great for card-making, the longevity of scrapbooks can be compromised.)