Cut: Basics

Paper usually comes in sizes too large to use on a card, so you’ll have to have a tool to shrink the paper down to card size! You could use a pair of scissors, a portable paper trimmer, or even an Exacto knife, a ruler, and a self-healing trimming mat. Today we’ll take a look at the portable paper trimmer. They’re a Spark a Smile favorite because they take up less table space and are simple to use.

The ruler at the top extends out when you need to measure longer pieces of paper, and folds away when you’re done for the day.

Lift up the clear paper holder and insert your paper.

Flip the clear paper holder down, then push firmly on the yellow blade carriage to cut your paper. It takes a bit of practice to know how much pressure to use, but as always, there are always helpful crafters at Spark a Smile to show you tips and tricks!