No black eyes necessary!

Punches are small devices that quickly cut shapes from paper. Punches are a great investment, as you can reuse them as long as they last. With care, they should last years.

Here are some of our Spark a Smile favorites. Upper left: Fiskars brand Squeeze punch. Upper right and lower right: EK Success brand. Lower right: Martha Stewart Crafts brand.

Here’s a quick demonstration of how to use the Martha Stewarts Crafts style punch. Place your paper in between the slot, squeeze, and your punch falls out! I didn’t demonstrate this here, but I usually flip the punch upside down so I can see what I’m punching out.

The Fiskars brand punches are a bit different. Instead of pushing a button, you squeeze the handles together to cut the shape. The benefit is that you can easily see exactly what you’re punching.

You’re welcome to try any of these punches at our next Spark a Smile party: Wednesday, November 10th, from 5-7 PM at Yang and Horsley Dentistry.