Hello August

We had a great little turnout for our August Spark a Smile! Since we had just been to the CG Elementary Business Showcase, we had two new faces! They both didn’t think they were creative, but I think they did great for first-timers! Miss Kristin and Janie joined us, as usual!

Here are some of the cards we made for the hospital.

20130823-IMG_2038 20130823-IMG_2036 20130823-IMG_2032 20130823-IMG_2030 20130823-IMG_2034


Hope you’ll join us this Wednesday, September 11th, from 5-7PM at Yang and Horsley Dentistry. We’re making patriotic postcards for members of the military, and we’ll pass them along to local school kids to write messages on the back before we send them overseas! If you or someone you know would like to be part of our project, please let us know!