November’s Spark a Smile

For Spark a Smile November, we made chewing gum toppers to donate to local groups who are providing Thanksgiving meals. Do you know of any shelters who might want to add some Spark a Smile to their dessert menu? Let us know, and we’ll send some over! 

We had five brand-new faces at Spark a Smile last week! Yvonne (from Cartridge World) and her sweet girls joined us, and they made these fun gum toppers.

Yvonne made her hearts jump off the paper by accordion-folding small pieces of paper, attaching one end to the base paper, and the other end to the hearts!

 Miss Tiana hand-cut the butterfly!

 Little Miss Talissa made special bracelets, so the lucky recipient of this Spark a Smile goodie gets two little surprises – gum, and a Thanksgiving bracelet!

It was also Kristin G’s first time at Spark a Smile, and she jumped right in with stickers and shiny embellishments!

Rumiko K. also joined us for the first time, and she brought her Japanese culture to our table by folding teeny origami cranes to add to her gum topper. Did you know that in Japan, the crane is a symbol of good fortune? We definitely feel fortunate to have Rumiko join us!

As for our “regular” attendants, we each had our own style of producing gum toppers: some found a design they liked and simply repeated it on batches of toppers, while others experimented with different embellishments and stamps.

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Be sure to join us Wednesday, December 8th, from 5-7PM, when we’ll be partnering with the American Red Cross to send Holiday Cards to Heroes in the military!