February Strong

Instead of Valentine-themed hearts, we focused on strong hearts this February, in honor of my dad, Gene Yang. This February marks the third year since his tragic passing, so we wanted to acknowledge his strong physical and emotional presence in our lives. Blue was one of his favorite colors, and coincidentally it’s also the theme color for another group of strong-hearted people: supporters of Autism. We decided to donate our “Strong” cards to our local autism support group. Here are some of our creations!


Always remember: You are Braver than you believe | Stronger than you seem | and smarter than you think.

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it!

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I think this was the sample I made for the evening

This one was made by a first-time visitor to SAS, Tyler! She was in our office for her dental checkup (our last appointment of the day), and after her appointment she saw our tables set up in the lobby. Her great-aunt, Miss Linda, is a regular at SAS and just happened to be there when Tyler came out! Neither of them knew that the other would be there, so Miss Tyler stayed the whole night! She made some great cards and even took some with her to share at school.

Miss Jane even brought her own set of Autism Awareness printables, with the puzzle-piece emblem.

Hope you can join us next Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 from 5-7PM. We’re making Thank You cards for a few different local organizations and businesses, including our great neighbors, the CG Alliance!