March Thank You

For March, we focused on making a bulk batch of Thank You cards for several organizations/businesses to send, including our awesome neighbors at the Casa Grande Alliance! We had three cute designs to choose from. For this design, it was fun to mix-and-match the pieces to make something unique. The backgrounds measured 3.75″x5″, the strip across measured 3.75″x2″, which made it really easy to maximize a sheet of 12×12″ paper! We also added the fun technique of inking edges with brown ink and this blending tool
20130321-IMG_7330 20130321-IMG_7329


Miss Marlene also designed this easy embossed card. Remember our new friend Tyler, from last month? She loved Spark a Smile so much, she brought her mom along! Our new guest, Miss Mary, put most of these together.



And finally, Miss Marlene designed this custom card for our friends at Brutinel Plumbing & Electrical to send to their customers. Isn’t that toilet cute?? Marlene found the QuickKutz die cutter for 99 cents! They were a little tricky (and tiny) to put together, but they turned out great.

Join us Wednesday, April 10th, between 5-7PM at Yang & Horsley Dentistry. Since April kicked off with April Fools’ Day, we’re continuing the fun by making happy kid cards for the pediatric department at CGRMC! Hope you can join us!